Irving I. Moskowitz Foundation

About the Irving I. Moskowitz Foundation

The Irving Moskowitz Foundation is a charitable, non-profit foundation dedicated to improving and enriching the lives of people based on the precept, 'He who has saved one life, it is as if he has saved the world.'

The Moskowitz Foundation was established in 1968 by Irving Moskowitz to help people in need regardless of race, creed, politics or religion.

One of the Foundation's principal beneficiaries is The City of Hawaiian Gardens, California where the Foundation operates a state-legislated Bingo Club. Irving Moskowitz believes that by concentrating many efforts in one small community, a significant benefit will be felt by all.

In the City of Hawaiian Gardens, proceeds from the Bingo Club benefit the residents of the city through social action organizations such as Head Start and The United Community Group, and through the Foundation's direct support of the Hawaiian Gardens Food Bank, children's athletic programs, scholarship awards, health care programs, and educational initiatives. The Bingo Club has also played a role in revitalizing the Hawaiian Gardens community.

Numerous organizations in Israel also benefit from The Moskowitz Foundation's charitable support. The loss of many of Irving Moskowitz's relatives during the Holocaust strengthened his conviction that Israel must be maintained as a safehaven for Jewish people from all over the world. In Israel, the Foundation supports a wide array of religious, educational, cultural and emergency services organizations. Its many projects range from restoring an architecturally significant synagogue to providing "dream trips" for adolescent cancer patients to funding the construction of university student housing.

The Irving Moskowitz Foundation also recognizes the need to help alleviate suffering when crises arise throughout the world. The foundation is always proud to support and contribute to many different relief efforts. The Foundation has given its support to the 1998 hurricane Mitch devastation in Central America, the Kosovo relief crisis in 1999, the devastating earthquake in Turkey in 1999, the New York State World Trace Center Relief Fund when the September 11, 2001 tragedy occurred in New York City. Large donations was made to the American Red Cross to help aid and give relief to the victims of the 2003 massive wild fires in California, as well as the Tsunami disaster that hit Indonesia, Sri Lanka, India and Thailand in 2004, and most recently to the Hurricane Katrina victims in New Orleans and Louisiana in 2005.


The Irving Moskowitz Foundation donates $10,000 to the Hawaiian Gardens Eagles Soccer Club

Soccer is one of the most popular sports in the world, but in Hawaiian Gardens, California, soccer is a part of life.  A predominantly Latino community with a growing population in dense low-income housing, many children in Hawaiian Gardens  share the same dream of becoming a professional soccer player.  Organizations such as the Hawaiian Gardens Eagles Soccer Club help provide athletic opportunities to the Hawaiian Gardens youth. 

Established in 1988 by a group of young men with the strong desire to start a soccer team, this soccer team evolved into what is now known as the Hawaiian Gardens Eagle Soccer.  The mission of this athletic organization is to provide the Hawaiian Gardens youth with a different perspective to life through the love for the soccer sport.  Utilizing the sport as a motivator this organization helps its players reach their goals not only on the field, but also in life.  The Eagles Soccer Club has been a successful organization both on the field and academically as many of the former soccer participants have pursued a college education.  This non-profit organization has had a positive impact in the lives of many Hawaiian Gardens families.  Soccer is place throughout the world by millions of people, it is a great way to exercise and stay fit.  Hawaiian Gardens has had a few soccer stars, they have a great program and the Irving Moskowitz Foundation and Cherna Moskowitz have helped support it for many years.

Sharing the same philosophy, the Irving Moskowitz Foundation is charitable organization that is a proud supporter of the Hawaiian Gardens Eagles Soccer Club.  The Foundation is dedicated to support non-profit groups providing youth with the tools necessary to succeed both in athletics and in academics.   An advocate of sports programs for youth, Dr. Irving Moskowitz and Cherna Moskowitz are committed to provide financial contributions to helps sustain the Hawaiian Gardens Eagles Soccer Club who continues to provide hope to youth both out on the field and in life.  Kids of various ages have participated in the Hawaiian Gardens Eagles Soccer Club, some have started playing soccer at the age of four and continue to play through there teen age years.  Many championships have been one by the Eagles.
The Foundation makes annual contributions to the Eagles Soccer Club to assist with the cost associated with equipment, uniforms, soccer shoes, travel costs, , tournaments, etc.  So far in 2013, the Irving Moskowitz Foundation has already donated $10,000 to the soccer club.  The Foundation recognizes the significance of its contributions and the difference that they make in the lives of many children.  The strong partnership between the Irving I. Moskowitz Foundation and the Eagles Soccer Club is a symbol of the commitment and dedication both organizations share for the youth of Hawaiian Gardens.