Irving I. Moskowitz Foundation

Irving Moskowitz – A Popular Man for Being Generous

Irving Moskowitz is a philanthropist and he is most famous among the Jewish people. He is a physician and a businessman. He operated businesses in Florida. Opened and managed hospitals and in California, he made a Bingo Club which is a state-legalized gambling business. He is the founder of the Moskowitz Foundation that helps people irrespective of race, creed, religion and race. This foundation is raising funds for housing projects of the Jews that are in the Arab neighborhoods particularly East Jerusalem with the profits from the charity bingo hall in the City of Hawaiian Gardens in California. The channeling of funds is accomplished through the El’ad and Ateret Cohanim organizations.

Irving Moskowitz is highly-recognized for his generosity. Irving Moskowitz is the ninth in the family and has 12 other siblings. His parents were Jewish immigrants who were from Poland. During the Holocaust, there were 120 relatives of his that were found dead. He was raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and it was in the University of Wisconsin Medical School where he finished his medical degree. He then moved his residency to California where he started medical practice in 1953 and he then built and managed hospital. He then started his own foundation, the Moskowitz Foundation with his wife Cherna Moskowitz. Presently, he and his family are residing in Miami Beach, Florida and he has so many properties in Jerusalem as well. His wife, Cherna Moskowitz, has been supportive of his charitable works as well. They are married for over 60 years now and had 8 children and had over 40 grandchildren.